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‘I didn’t get property tax reminder and it’s now past deadline – what do I do?’

Question: I didn’t get a reminder last year about the property tax and my neighbour has just told me that it’s past the deadline, which he was notified about. To be honest, I forgot about it. Can I get an extension and was there an issue with notifications? When I was working, I normally paid in one go, but this year would prefer to do it out of my pension monthly since I am retired.

Answer: Your neighbour is correct regarding the deadline, but perhaps it isn’t too late to do something about it. The Local Property Tax (LPT) was due on January 11. However, for many paying on direct debit or through a deduction from a State benefit, it simply rolls over and continues as normal, so there is nothing for them to do.

For those who normally pay on a once-off basis like you, you could do it immediately or complete a Single Debit Authority, in which case it won’t leave your account until March 21. I don’t know why you didn’t get a notification, but if you were self-employed, it would have gone into your ROS inbox, rather than in the post, so do check there! Since you have retired, you may not have been accessing it regularly.

Either way, you now wish to change the method of payment. That ought to have been notified to Revenue by November 25 in order for them to make the change, as the first instalment would have come out this month via your pension. It may be too late to change it now, but I would definitely give them a call on their 1890 200 255 helpline.
You will need your Property ID (from last year) and your PIN number which you would have used to pay. They may be happy to make an arrangement with you if you get in touch immediately.

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