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New Revenue system to hit SMEs for unpaid tax

New Revenue system to hit SMEs for unpaid tax

The Revenue Commissioners will chase more small companies for unpaid tax following the launch of a new high-tech debt management system.

Revenue’s Debt Management Services (DMS), which was brought in last week, uses technology to deal with a wider range of taxpayers.

This will include those who previously may have been too costly to identify and pursue.

A Revenue spokesman said that it would deliver “improved profiling of cases and deliver significant increased capacity to manage and support compliance and tackle non-compliance”.

“The new debt-management system will enable Revenue to review customers with lower turnovers on a more regular basis.”

Debt to revenue includes annual taxes, such as self-assessed income tax and corporation tax or taxes paid on a periodic basis such as Vat or PAYE.

The technology also offers more flexibility for phased repayments, however.

“The new system is fully online, allowing documentation to be uploaded electronically. It provides much quicker turnaround times for clarifications.

“It also gives customers greater flexibility to manage their payment schedule and make certain alterations to suit their circumstances,” said the spokesman.

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